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Any heritage place has a story to tell and, to make sure that its care, repair or change is the best it can possibly be, the story needs to be uncovered, understood and told. Understanding fabric, context, patronage, and the detailed evolution of a place can enrich appreciation, shape plans and inform solutions, ensuring responsible development, maintenance and repair.

THE HERITAGE PLACE has direct access to a huge body of experience of cultural and architectural research. CEO Deborah Mays has written and lectured widely on topics as diverse as street furniture, the impact of regulation, leading Scottish architects and nineteenth-century pattern books. A career in unravelling the history of Scotland's built places and describing their story has made her adept in her trade. Knowledge of precedent, contemporaries, rarity and distinctiveness has informed her work. Recent research includes the value of art in conservation and the work of post-War architects in Scotland.

To find out more about CEO of THE HERITAGE PLACE, Dr Deborah Mays IHBC, see her profile on LinkedIn
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