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You can find lots of advice on websites and searches, but heritage places invariably demand a personal, specialist input to ensure that they are properly managed during times of change.

By using THE HERITAGE PLACE you can target ​the advice you need and ​the answers on offer, easily and ​accessibly, by using our 'Just ask' link. ​

You​ can be sure of the quality too, as the CEO of ​​THE HERITAGE PLACE ​ follow​s​ the standards of the UK​'s​ professional body for​ building and historic environment​ conservation specialists, the ​ ​IHBC, being an accredited full member of the Institute. The CEO’s wealth of experience across government, amenity, educational, professional and private sectors ensures the consultancy is aware of the importance of this and maintains a targeted programme of CPD to remain abreast of changes and developments.

So​ ​THE HERITAGE PLACE ​ ​is committed to ​providing comprehensive services that are both ​in your ​own ​best interests ​as well as the interests of your heritage.

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